These 6 Advertisements Should Totally Win An Award For Being The Most Racist Ads Ever

These days everything is about being inclusive. This is especially true for products and brands. In an age when everything is monitored and open for public review, brands need to be more careful of their image and how they chose to promote themselves. These brands had a tough luck being politically correct. #1. Dove This […]

Vintage Indian Advertisements That Will Make You Go WTF!

Advertisements are the way companies sell products. And they are also the reflection of the society. If you want to understand the culture of any place, just go through the advertisements. Advertisements are the link between the supply and demand. Some we can’t unsee, some that force us to buy a product and some that leave […]

These 15 Photos Show How Censorship Is Done In The Middle-East

We know that censorship has become a very sensitive issue today. On the left is how the ad was shown to the world and on the right is the ad after censorship shown to Kuwait. Middle Eastern countries were a lot more progressive before the wars took place. This is how women in Afghanistan were in the […]

Without Advertisements, How Does WhatsApp Earn Money?

How was a free application WhatsApp acquired at $19 billion? Who uses SMS now? WhatsApp has 940 million users and that is only increasing by seconds. Thanks to companies like Jio, accessing the internet is much easier and affordable now. When Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded it in 2009, the only purpose they wanted […]

6 Hindi Words Most Of Us Only Know Thanks To Classic Indian Advertisements

Advertisements undoubtedly form a very large part of our lives. After all, without them how would we bother to ask ourselves that most relevant question – Kya Mere Toothpaste Mein Namak Hain? But ads can be much more, they can be educational. And not just because they give us careful instructions as to which vaginal […]

Hi Ladies, In Case You Were Feeling A Little Too Empowered Today, Take A Look At Some Sexist Ads From The Past

“Grab them by the pu$$y” Source This timeless quote from the 45 President of the United States conclusively proves, sexism is dead. Yes, it does. No need to argue. Naturally, you might think that I, as a female write am being unnecessarily aggressive. I am. Probably. But you have to excuse me this one time […]

8 Desi Advertising Taglines That Have Unintended Double Meanings

So, the Indian market is a fairly complicated place. Where foreign companies change words like ‘potatoes’ to words like ‘aloo’.  Then suddenly, burgers become as Indian as Anil Kapoor’s chest hair, because masala add kiya usme. So naturally, to make their product or service stand out from the noise, marketing departments try harder and harder […]

Supreme Court Quashes The Complaint Which Was Filed Against MS Dhoni For Hurting Religious Sentiments

The world we live in is funny at times. It merely takes minutes to offend someone but years to prove that it was just an expression. In 2013, many lawsuits were filed against Dhoni for Business Today’s cover image. Wondering the reason? The magazine in which he was featured as a cover image had a […]

The Hilarious New Amul Mooch Ad Will Definitely Make You Reach For A Glass Of Milk

Regardless of how “global” the Indian market gets, there will always be brands that are inseparable from the Indian psyche. The Parle-G, Nirma, Ujala, Vicco and Tata gang that can never really be replaced. But for sure, the grand-daddy of them all remains Amul. The ‘Taste of India’ that has always managed to remain relevant, without losing […]

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