Adventurous Sex

10 Of The Most Dangerous Heterosexual Sex Positions That Should Not Be Tried At Home!*

Kids, if you’re below 18, this is where you stop reading. Pseudo adults, if you’re looking for guidance on how to keep your body and dignity intact in the bedroom, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here are 10 of the most dangerous sex positions ever invented, and you’d do well to keep them out […]

8 Bizarre Condom Flavours The Bedroom Was A Better Place Without

Move over ribbed and dotted and glow in the dark. These days, it’s really flavoured condoms that liven things up in the bedroom. Why? Because manufacturers are straying from generic options and venturing into an array of bizarre flavours like these that’ll have you wondering “What the f**k were they thinking?” 1. Bacon Not only […]

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