Mission Impossible’s Theme Song Is The Coolest Thing To Have Come Out Of The 90s

Movie soundtracks have always been an integral part of the cinema viewing experience. They often elevate fantastic storytelling to a degree where even coming across similar music takes us back to the sheer joy we felt during the movie. And if there’s one iconic soundtrack to have come out of the 90s, it’s the Mission […]

If You Had 23 Out Of These 28 Songs In Your ‘English Songs’ Folder, You’re A True 90s Kid

90s is to us what Sachin is to cricket. Everything was better when the 90s was at its peak. Having spent most of our childhoods during that time, we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with the elements of that decade. From Phantom cigarettes to watching Pokemon at 5 pm every weekday, we’ve all been through the same […]

If You Played Video Games In The 90s, You Remember Doing At Least 8 Out Of These 10 Things

90s were, undoubtedly, one of the best eras to live in. When you will tell your kids about how you got your first phone in the 10th grade, they will laugh. When you will tell that 90’s songs are still your favorite, they will tell you to put on some Justin Bieber. But for every kid […]

15 WTF Bollywood Songs From The 90’s That Will Make You Laugh!

We have grown up listening to our favourite tracks from Bollywood movies. We used to hum along to the tunes of ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh’, ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen’ during Aantakshri.  Whenever we listen to the songs nowadays, we crib at the vulgar lyrics that has been on trend but if you […]

Cartoon Characters From Our Childhood That We Oddly Found Attractive

Cartoons. Watching Tom and Jerry running around made us laugh and kept us glued to our screens for hours. Some cartoons, however, made us feel other things altogether. Yup, some of our favourite characters were downright sexy! Here’s a little throwback! 1. Daphne Blake, Scooby Doo Except getting captured a lot, Daphne, the popular girl of […]

Sonu Nigam’s AIDS Awareness Song From The 90’s Will Make You Disown The 90s

Such Awareness. Much Wow. Guys and girls, this is a legit song even though we don’t want it to be. This is an actual song and dude, it’s Sonu Nigam. There are three Sonu Nigams in the video and we really want to know what they were smoking. The lyrics are out of the world. […]

90s Kids Witness The End Of An Era As Channel [V] Shuts Down Completely

If you thought 2017 couldn’t be any worse, you’d not be very pleased to know that our favorite 90’s channel, ‘Channel V’ is shutting down.  Source Yep, let that sink in and it’s okay if you’re crying because so did we. Source Remember the good old days of Purab, Cary, Pia, Lola Kutty and Simpoo […]

Remember The Greatest 90s Racing Game Road Rash? It’s Making A Comeback & We Can’t Wait To Play It

Road Rash is making a comeback and the new avatar looks kick-ass! Remember the 90s? Govinda was a style icon. Suniel Shetty was an action star. Shilpa Shetty’s leopard prints were in fashion. Ram Gopal Verma was the best Bollywood director. And Pahlaj Nihalani was making movies with not-so-sanskaari lyrics like ‘khadaa hai‘. Yeah, and […]

Shah Rukh Khan And Kumar Sanu On This Old DD Show Is Pure Nostalgia!

There was a time when Doordarshan was a huge thing. The talk show on this vintage channel was the place where celebrities came to perform. Big names like Shah Rukh Khan and Kumar Sanu too were present on the said show. A video of these two big names from the 90s will make you miss simpler […]

While Bollywood Is Busy Remixing 90’s Songs, This Guy Makes New Songs Old.

Bollywood has ruined our 90’s favorites, hasn’t it? By adding some lines of meaningless rap and useless EDM beats. They ruined every 90’s kids memory with the song too. We’re not surprised that these songs always top the charts. It gives the movies a hype, we saw that in ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ with ‘Kala Chashma’, […]

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