Beginner’s Guide To Insulting People In Various Indian Languages

Swagatam. Satsriakal. Shabba Khair. Shubhratri.

Learning a new language is a thrilling experience. We live in a country where the social fabric is made up of multiple colorful threads which represent the different cultures.

As a part of these cultures, India has become home to numerous languages and to be true Indians, we need to learn a few things about these languages. And let’s be honest here, every time we come across someone who can speak a language we aren’t familiar with; we ask them to help us learn swear words.

Keeping up with this spirit, we have assembled a list of gaalis from different Indian languages that will help you understand the country better.

#1 Hindi

Used by Delhi guys to refer to a friend.
See also, behen ke lodhe.

#2 Assamese

Half the salutations contain these two words.

#3 Bengali

These words are rarely used as Bengalis have no time left after their intellectual debates on literature, art and politics.

#4 Gujarati

gujarati gaalis

These replies are staple when one teases Gujjus with ‘Kaemchho?’.

#5 Kannada

If you ask them ‘Aur tera telengana kaisa chal raha hai’, they generally reply with one of these.

#6 Marathi

No. Dialogues from Singham don’t contain profanity. Everything you’ve learnt from that movie doesn’t count.

#7 Punjabi

No. ‘Whor ki haal hai’ isn’t a salutation to use in a red-light district.

#8 Malayalam

Calling them communists isn’t considered a gaali, North Indians.

#9 Kashmiri

I will not crack a joke warna yeh page band ho jayega.

#10 Sanskrit

Now you know how to abuse and feel pure at the same time.

#11 Telugu

Bachpan ke gudde-gudiyo ka khel now sounds dirty.

#12 Manipuri

Educate yourself, guys.

#13 Tamil

They are here to have Dosa and abuse; and they just ran out of coconut chutney.

#14 Sindhi

Inki kadhi aur gaaliya, dono sahi hai.

#15 Oriya

You can hear it very often now that Rosogulla’s credit has been given to West Bengal.

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