Twitter Turns ‘Swag Se Swagat’ Around On Its Head With Some Clever Puns

Unless you’ve been hiding under a reasonably sized rock, you’ve heard this atrocity.

With heartfelt lyrics and a brilliant display of repetitive melody, the song found its way into the car radios of unwilling participants across the nation.

There’s honestly no particular reason to hate it so much. It’s exactly the kind of music that would have done well when it released, it was given the right treatment in terms of simple choreography and it had bhai in it. But it also had the word “swag” in the goddamn title. A word that will induce cringe in anyone who has the poor fortune of coming across this vide anytime after 2019.

When the word “swag” will have thankfully died and been buried next to “coolness” and “I can’t even”.

But if there is anything that can possibly make this song tolerable it’s got to be puns. Puns that take a look at those lyrics and say to themselves “We can do better”.

So go ahead an enjoy what could arguably be one of the best Twitter threads of all time.













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