Sushma Swaraj Comes To The Rescue Of A Russian Tourist Who Was Found Begging Outside A Temple

Sushma Swaraj and her activeness on Twitter is not hidden from us and yet again, she has proved how she’s always there to help. In a recent incident in Tamil Nadu, a Russian tourist was seen begging outside Sri Kumarakottam temple in Kancheepuram as his ATM pin was blocked and he had run out of cash. 


Sushma has always been prompt in offering help through Twitter and this time was going to be no exception. Prior to this, she had also helped a Pakistani citizen issue his visa for India as he was sick and required a liver transplant surgery. In case of Evangelin, the Russian tourist, she tweeted ensuring him that the officials would Chennai would help him out. 

Evangelin, who is on his visit to India was seen going through a rough patch as he forced to beg outside the temple for money. He exhausted his cash and his phone balance and when things couldn’t get any worse for him, his ATM card got blocked. The police officers checked his documents and upon finding everything in place, they offered him 500 rupees and also helped him board a train to Chennai.

Evangelin hasn’t really spoken to the consulate yet but we couldn’t feel more proud about Sushma Swaraj’s spontaneous action! 

What do you think about this prompt response that was delivered from Sushma’s side in order to ensure the comfort of our guest? Let us know your views in the comment section!

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