Sunny Leone Got Pranked On The Set Of Her New Film But It Was Her Revenge That Made Headlines

It did take a while for Sunny Leone to become a part of the Bollywood fraternity but as time passed by, we couldn’t help but fall for her fun and humanitarian nature. 


She’s come a long way in the industry and is currently promoting her upcoming movie ‘Tera Intezaar’. She recently shared a video from the set of her movie where her team decided to play a prank on her. While she was occupied reading something, one of the crew members of the movie played a prank on her with a plastic snake. Sunny, as expected, freaked out and ran behind the prankster.
Here’s what happened:

But Sunny Leone is the wrong person to mess with and there’s no way she was going to let go of this without ‘sweet revenge’. Sunny made sure that the prank was answered with an even better prank. Here’s what Sunny did to people who pranked her with the plastic snake!

You definitely don’t mess with Sunny! Isn’t she the cutest though?

What do you think about all the fun she’s been having? Share your views with us in the comment section!

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