Here Are 5 Revelations That Sunny Leone Made About Embracing Motherhood

Sunny Leone does not require a formal introduction and this wonderful woman who we are all fond of is just more than a celebrity. She is now a mother who is doing the best she can to give all the love to her daughter, Nisha Kaur Weber, who has been adopted from Latur, a village in Maharashtra. 


However, there’s a lot to Sunny that we might know. She was born to a Sikh family in Ontario, Canada as Karenjit Kaur Vohra and entered Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 in 2012.

Sunny took everyone by surprise when she adopted two-year-old Nisha from Latur and embraced motherhood with such grace and beauty. 

In an interview with Mid Day, she spoke about embracing motherhood and how getting Nisha is changing her life every day.

Accepting Motherhood

It took the couple (Sunny and Daniel) almost more than 9 months to adopt the baby but they have no complaints about it. Sunny believes that Nisha is the best gift they could ask for. She also spoke about how Nisha is gradually adjusting to her new life that started from a foster home to where she is now. “It is just that, God brings people in your life when it is the right time,” Sunny told Mid Day during the interview. She feels like Nisha adds magic to their everyday lives and gives them something to look forward to every morning. “My floor is pristine because she runs around and plays. My life has changed, only for better,” said an emotional Sunny who is embracing motherhood with such beauty.

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On Being Hands-On Parents 

Sunny and Daniel want to catch up on the time they’ve lost. They want their daughter to know that they are her parents and will love her forever. This is a very special moment for them and they are leaving no stone unturned to shower this little angel with love.

Wanting A Normal Life For Nisha 

Sunny has a huge fan following but she wants her daughter to have a normal life. “We make it a point that we go out and do activities with her. Normally what a two-year-old kid would have learned by now, she is just getting to know,” stated Sunny as she spoke about indulging in parental activities with her baby girl. Sunny believes that Nisha is not missing out on anything and has a lot of attention from her parents.

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Daniel Being The Perfect Daddy 

Sunny also added that Daniel is the perfect father Nisha could have asked for. “He makes her breakfast and takes her for walks in the morning,” added Leone as she spoke about the daddy-daughter time Daniel and Nisha share. Sunny also mentioned that Daniel is perfect when it comes to feeding, teaching, bathing and changing nappies of their baby daughter.


Challenges Faced As Parents 

Sunny spends a majority of her time with Nisha when she is not working and feels that her primary concern is Nisha’s education. “The most important concern in her schooling. I want to make sure that she gets international schooling,” said Sunny as she showed concern about Nisha’s schooling. She feels that even if Daniel and Sunny move to the United Stated in future, Nisha’s education must not get affected.

Aren’t Sunny and Daniel the perfect parents and isn’t baby Nisha absolutely lucky?

In a very recent conversation with Midday, Sunny also mentioned that she would gradually want to move to a more serious form of acting and cut down on item songs. She has also hired an acting coach and she feels she can see the difference in her already. With Daniel’s support and her own will to move into Bollywood as an actor, Sunny might just change the way the industry looks at her.

We’re hoping to see more of Sunny on the silver screen. Are you?

Let us know your opinions about Sunny being the perfect mother and her desire to step into the industry as an actor.

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