Suhel Seth Pointing Out Shashi Tharoor’s Grammatical Error Is 2018’s First Gift To Us

Fancy complicated words and Indian Politician Shashi Tharoor go hand in hand. The man is known to pick words for his tweets that send the entire nation on a Dictionary hunt! 


From being politically active to socially active, the man is pretty awesome at everything he does but sometimes, even the best of us make mistakes!

Tharoor wanted to express his gratitude to people who viewed his ‘Facebook Live’ and in order to do so, he put across a lovely tweet thanking 20,000 people who saw him on Facebook.

Even though this was a lovely gesture, Tharoor had no idea that this tweet of his shall be remembered forever. A man who’s known to be the superhero of words made a major error that was noticed by Suhel Seth.

Here’s what Suhel tweeted correcting the grammatical mistake:

For Twitter, this was a moment to rejoice and there was no way, netizens were going to let go of!

Singer Adnan Sami was one of the first ones to react to this rare moment in the history of Twitter and English language.

We’re going to remember this day forever. 


Tharoor, tumse na hopaega!

Just not your day, Mr.Tharoor.

Looks like Shashi Tharoor got schooled!

What do you think about Shashi’s grammar mistake? Hope he doesn’t blame it on auto-correct!

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