Twitter Trolls Suchitra Krishnamoorthi For Her Controversial Tweet On ‘Azaan’

Just when the Internet had started to forget Sonu Nigam’s statement on forced religiousness and sermons on loud speakers, Suchitra’s tweet came as a reminder of how Twitter will not tolerate such controversies!

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The actress who is best known for her role in Shahrukh Khan’s 1994 movie ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na’ posted a tweet about how she finds the call for the morning prayer as ‘aggressive’. 

Suchitra’s post was bound to create a fuss on the internet as it indirectly demeans the morning prayer and let’s not forget the kind of controversy Sonu Nigam had to face for putting up a similar tweet on prayer calls on the loudspeaker.

This is how the microblogging site reacted to Suchitra’s tweet: 












The political parties accused her of giving more priority to her sleep than the Azaan prayers and Twitterati believe that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to get some limelight. Sonu Nigam had to go through the same situation when he had put forward his view on forced religiousness in the month of April. A member of the minority council had also issued a ‘Fatwa’ against him. However, Sonu decided to stay firm on his statement and also shaved his own head to give a befitting reply to the ‘Maulanas’.

What do you think about Suchitra’s opinion on Azaans? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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