People Should Just Stop Doing These 9 Stupid Things On Social Media, Like ASAP!

Disclaimer #1: If you get offended easily, do not read this.

Disclaimer #2: This article is not talking about you, it is about your ‘friend’.

Social media churns out fads on a weekly basis. Some of them are genuinely good and useful, while others are utter shite. Pardon my french.

The people of course flock to trends to look cool and the internet then turns out to be a cesspool of nonsense. Some of us like our social media to be populated with funny and logical things. So if you find these fads a bit too annoying, high five to you mate!

Here are few things that people do excessively on social media that is universally annoying.

1.Holiday Photos

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How many photos are one too many photos? Try 5. Post which you should stop bombarding people’s timelines.We get it. You went to that exotic location. Good for you! Now stop posting pictures with you photobombing that pretty monument. For God’s sake leave the the Sun and The Moon out of your ‘posey’ photos, they don’t deserve this. Your social media followers are hoping your phone goes into the sea. Really.

2. Hacking Facebook As A Prank

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Okay pranking someone by posting vile things on their feed is not friendship or funny. Wait…we know you have no friends. There is no way that anyone pranked your account, so stop attracting attention. By some miracle, if you have friends, you need to unfriend them if they put you through it. This prank could cost your job. Beware.

3. Photoshopped And Extremely Filtered Selfies

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If you get kidnapped, police won’t be able to recognize you. You will probably be dead in a ditch somewhere and no one will be there to claim you. Stop putting Prisma pictures or overly photoshopped ones. What picture will your mom send to the cops?

4. Posting Pre And Post Wedding Pictures

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We get it. You got married. Stop shoving it in our faces. Keep your moments to yourselves. Those pretty, very posed photographed images? Yeah, delete them. Better! Stop wasting money on a wedding photoshoot, cause no one on Instagram or Facebook cares. You could put it to better use, put it on Reddit, atleast they will go on to become worthy memes.

5.Checking In On Facebook, Just To Seem Cultured

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Why don’t you ‘Check In’ to offline or better yet the coolest thing called ‘Life’. It’s trending.

6.Snapchat Animal Filters

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You know who is supposed to look like cats and dogs? CATS and DOGS! Stop torturing us with your stupid beastly faces, it is not cute. It looks STUPID!

7. Open Letters

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Buddy, you already have no privacy, what are you writing open letters for? You know who writes great open letters? No One. Be like No One.

8. What’s On Your Mind

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Writing your heart out is good for your head. That is what journaling or keeping a diary is for! If you want to share your private thoughts, do it offline! I promise no one on social media wants to know how shitty your life is. Unless you are famous, but of course you are not!

9. Gym Photos

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As you know 96.78% of people don’t go to gym or workout. Yes, I made up that statistic. It is nevertheless true! Stop annoying people with photos of you looking ripped. Life already makes us miserable, stop contributing to it! We get it, you are fit as hell. These hashtags are more appropriate #WannabeJohnAbraham #WannabeBipasha  #DumbellsAllTime #FavDrinkRawEggs .

If you are reading this, I urge you to stop this kayamat by sharing it on your feeds and letting people know how annoying they are. Help bring bhayaanak maut these things.

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