Steve Jobs Fired Andy Cunningham 5 Times, But She Loved Working For Him Anyway

Getting feedback from your boss is never pleasant. Getting feedback that ends with “You’re fired” isn’t much better.


This is exactly what happened to Andy Cunningham. She worked at Macintosh back when Steve Jobs was in charge of the company and helped launch the first Macintosh. Her account of the man and how far he was willing to go to chase perfection is terrifying but inspiring.

The first time, she was simply called into the office and told that her work wasn’t good enough and that she was being let go.


According to Cunningham, she was devastated the first time, mainly because she thought it was the end of the line for her and that she would never get a chance to work with Steve ever again. But she did ask him to pay her the money he owed and his response was not one any employee would hope for.

“I’m not going to pay you that because your work wasn’t worth it.”

What she did next though was pretty ballsy.


Getting back into a meeting with Jobs she told him that all the press contacts she had made over the years were constantly being told that it was great working with Steve Jobs. And if she couldn’t receive her cheque, she’d have to start telling them it wasn’t.

And he immediately wrote her a cheque for 35,000 dollars – and then hired her back.

But it didn’t bring her down, in fact, she believes it has what has contributed to her success she even admits that there were some who understandably couldn’t withstand such harsh critique. Andy is currently the President of Cunningham collective

Check out her inspiring video below

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