Stephen Hawking Dies At 76, And This Is How The World Bid Him Adieu

Stephen Hawking inspired a zillion people around the world.

Stephen Hawking #RIPStephenHawking


Stephen Hawking questioned the universe and its various mysteries thus testing numerous theories that have troubled the human mind. The theoretical physicist leaves a void as he passed away today. His spokesperson confirmed the sad news.

Hawking was 76 years old and battled amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for over 50 years. He survived longer than his doctors expected him to. Even with the degenerative disease crippling him to disability, he persisted on with his work on space-time singularity.

Stephen Hawking #RIPStephenHawking


He is celebrated as the most renowned physicist of our generation. He definitely will be missed for his contributions to science and inspiring a legion of fans.

This is how the world bid adieu to Hawking.











We truly have lost a star today.

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