These Jokes Perfectly Summarize Our Lives At The Start Of The Month Vs End Of The Month

If you’ve been counting days till the next payday, you’re not alone. Almost all of us have run out of money almost a week before the month ends.

And so begins the quest to somehow make it to the end of the month. Are you going through the same thing? Don’t worry.

These honest experiences at the start and the end of the month will definitely cheer you up.


Recharge karane mein haalat kharaab ho jaati hai


Gaadi wale babu mujhe ghar pohocha do.


Our country runs on jugaad.


IMAX is for the start of the month. Month end pe Set Max pe Suryavansham dekhenge.


When hunger strikes, Maggi zindabaad!


Because there’s no compromise with our chai.


Our office has stopped giving us internet on our phones because of this.


Keeping our girlfriends happy is important. But so is food.


You scream, I scream. We all scream for… gola.


Old Monk hai sada ke liye…

Are you going through this right now? Tag your friends and tell us about your gareebi in the comments below.

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