Sri Lanka Just Reminded Us What It Was Like To Play A Match Without Sachin In The 90s

For decades, scenic hills have been the setting for love and romance. Today felt like the hills were the background for anal fornification of Indian expectations from their batsmen.

From 16/5 to 29/7 to finally managing to end the innings at 112, this Indian innings has caused heart related concerns to thousands of Indians. Nobody in the cosmos expected India to fall like a house of cards in the absence of Virat Kohli, who should not be watching this match under any circumstances.

Sri Lankan bowlers Lakmal, Pradeep and Mathews swung the ball out of visibility of our batsmen and reputed double centurians like Rohit Sharma fell prey to the bowlers.

Indians were left heartbroken but also a little hopeful with Dhoni sticking around till the very end, which is kinda what our country feels like at the moment anyway.

Here are the best/worst/saddest tweets from the day:

While the Indian team gets ready to defend the target, the entire country is thinking the same thing: ‘Kohli, bc shaadi chhod ke na aa jaaye’

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Yash Kasotia

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