Sorabh Pant Asks The Twitterati To Find Out More About A Guy Who Threatened His Wife And They Delivered

When the sexual harassment news of Harvey Weinstein came around, many of the women came forward to talk about it. More than 60 women stood against the Hollywood mogul in just three weeks after the complaints of sexual harassment and misconduct by Mr. Weinstein were first reported.

While the women stood up against this monstrous man, people around the world starting talking about their harassment stories with #metoo. If you have been active on your social media account then you might have seen your friends posting their stories with #metoo and that’s just sad.

This article is about a user who DM’ed Sorabh Pant, the comedian on Instagram. Any harassment is wrong but this guy actually sexually threatened his wife.

Goes by the name @royalewidcheez, Harsh Kumar Tripathi sent some really lewd texts to Sorabh.

Sorabh is trying to know more about this guy so that he can have some valid information before deciding on any action. Police also has taken this seriously and have lent their support. 

Other comedians also lent support for Sorabh.

Do you know anything about him? Please let the concerned authorities know about it. Also, it’s high time to understand that it is WRONG TO EVEN SEND SUCH MESSAGES AS A JOKE.

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