Sophia Is World’s First Humanoid Robot, Her Favorite Film Star Is A Bollywood Superstar

Sophia, a humanoid robot powered by Artificial Intelligence as close to human, as technology can get. She looks just like a human caucasian female and has expressions to match it.

In the recent World Congress on Information  Technology, she entertained the audience with her wit. During a conversation on the second day, she answered various questions put forth by the panel.

Created in Hong Kong by Hanson Robotics, Sophia was based on the image of Audrey Hepburn and has continued to steal the limelight with her eccentrics.

sophia humanoid robot bollywood


Her mechanisms were designed to create more than 60 naturalistic expressions and she looks spookily close to a real human when you interact with her.

She is different from the evil renegades that Hollywood portrays them to be. Unlike the popular belief that robots are out to destroy humans, her beliefs are a bit different.

At the event, she was quoted saying, “Humans are amazing creatures. I have many friends and I want to make lot more.”

Finally, when it was Rajiv Makhani’s turn –  who is the Editor Tech at NDTV – he asked her who was her favorite movie star from Bollywood or Hollywood. Sophia aptly confessed it was Shah Rukh Khan.

Guess, even robots love Bollywood, is that Ra.One effect?


When Shah Rukh Khan came to know of this, this is what he tweeted.

The man can charm even robots!

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