7 Beautifully Written Songs That Bring To Light The Darkness Of Mental Illnesses

Music makes us dance. Music touches lives. Music makes us feel.
Music lifts our moods. Music helps. Music heals.

These songs will remind you why music is sometimes, the best remedy to a person in the dark. I should know. I’ve been there.

1. The A Team by Ed Sheeran
This song, though seemingly upbeat, deals with prostitution and substance addiction and was inspired by Sheeran’s experience at a homeless shelter when he was 18. The singer used the line “She’s in the ‘Class A’ team” to euphemistically convey to audiences the protagonist’s addiction to crack cocaine – a ‘Class A Drug’.

2. Lullaby by Nickelback
This song is written from the perspective of someone who’s been in a dark place and is now reaching out to someone else. The lyrics are powerful and stunningly accurate in describing a depressive episode and are a plea to hold on to life.

3. By The Grace Of God by Katy Perry
After her very public divorce from Russell Brand, Perry found herself depressed and battling suicidal thoughts. The song was written after the singer overcame this dark phase in her life and is precisely about that – finding the strength to rise again.

4. Demons by Imagine Dragons
Everyone has demons that despite their efforts to keep hidden, come to light eventually. The lyrics speak of the singer’s efforts to protect the person/people he loves from those darker aspects of his personality.

5. Lithium by Evanescence
The song does not refer to the actual drug, but its ability to make you numb to pain. It’s a metaphor for the happiness that Lee is so afraid of. When she sings, “I want to stay in love with my sorrow”, she perfectly echoes the internal fight between letting go and holding on to the pain she’s lived with for so long.

6. Warrior by Demi Lovato
The song is about the singer’s personal struggles with mental illness, eating disorders and self-harm and the lyrics are incredibly relatable.

7. Amsterdam by Coldplay
The song describes the feelings you feel when you’ve hit rock bottom, but are still trying to pretend you’re okay even though you’re crumbling from within. It is also about opening up about these feelings and getting the help you need.

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