Sonam Kapoor Is In No Mood To Ignore Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Comment On Homosexuality

Unarguably, a godman making no sense isn’t something new.


Just when you think that there is nothing more senseless that humans can do. Humans surprise you. Like any other day, a “godman” said something and we were speechless.

This whole deal with godmen, they should really think 100 times before passing a judgment or a statement. Why? Not only in India but all over the world, humans are looking for an instrument of faith and some find it in humans only to name them as Gods.

On Monday, at his seminar in JNU, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answered a student’s question on homosexuality and stated:

“Homosexuality is a tendency rather than a permanent state.”

Sonam Kapoor reacted exactly like any sane educated person would.

She also suggested who to follow, just in case you’re interested in Hinduism and culture

Not a “tendency”

Alia too shared her views

The writer Devdutt Pattanaik whom Sonam recommended also had something to say

What are your thoughts on this? Please enlighten us!

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