Sona Mohapatra’s Take On Ed Sheeran Partying With B-Town Celebs Makes A Lot Of Sense

Ed Sheeran’s concert on Sunday was definitely one of the best nights for his fans in India. He rocked the stage at Jio Gardens, Mumbai and it’s going to take a while for us to get over Ed in the blue kurta! 


Ed seemed to enjoy playing at the concert but what exactly did we do to him before the concert?

Yep, I am talking about the Tinsel town party that he was made to attend at Farah Khan’s house. The party included all the Bollywood biggies and the pictures make it look like Ed didn’t have a lot of fun.

Ed’s party saw all the major Bollywood stars under one roof but Sona Mohapatra’s take on this party is something we need to understand.

Ed Sheeran is a singer and wouldn’t it be more appropriate if he was made to party with people who belonged to the same profession as his?

Sona has never hesitated in putting forward her opinion about things that the society usually ignores to talk about.

From talking about sexism that she faced at colleges during concerts to women-centric issues, she’s been vocal about it all.

Sona MohapatraSource

The Bollywood party that Ed was made to attend did not include anyone from the music fraternity and all he could do was pose around with people who were there not to celebrate his talent but just to find one more reason to party.

What do you think about Sona’s view on Farah’s Bollywood party thrown for Ed Sheeran? Drop in your thoughts in the comment section!

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