We Now Have A Sliced-Ketchup Kickstarter Because God Is Dead

Weird things have started happening way too frequently now. And one of the major weird things has to be this condiment which is basically slices of Ketchup.

You can pack a bottle in your picnic basket, but it takes up a lot of room. It can separate, so you get a big splash of semi-clear liquid on your sandwich (gross). Ketchup can also turn your bread into a soggy mess.

Slice of Sauce comes from Bo’s Fine Foods and takes a fruit-leather-like approach to ketchup. What is fruit leather, you ask? Glorified aam papad.


It’s shelf-stable and can last up to a year in your pantry.

I know what you’re thinking – “Ketchup slices? Aren’t those just tomato slices but shittier?” You’re kinda correct.

Because it’s so impossibly hard to shake a bottle for 3 seconds to avoid ketchup getting weird, we now have this new ‘invention’ to meet our needs.

The Slice of Sauce concept raises a lot of questions. When will we get slices of garam masala? What about slices of that special McDonalds India orange sauce? Can I wrap pakodas with these slices of ketchup?

Slice of Sauce has topped its Kickstarter funding goal of $15,000 with 27 days left to run. The $10 pledge level comes with one package containing eight slices of ketchup. Currently, the ketchup-slice rewards only ship to the US and Canada.

And you know for the neanderthals who like having ketchup with their Biryani? They can now just roll the rice in these slices and commit these crimes against humanity.

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