Here’s What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality!

Sleep is certainly one of the most important aspects of human life but what we might not know is apart from providing rest to our mind and body, our sleeping pattern also explains a lot about our personality. The way we sleep is actually a very subconscious choice but it holds a lot of facts about our behavior and attitude towards life.


Here are some of the most common sleeping patterns and here’s what they say about you:

1) Knees Sticking Out

If you can’t sleep without sticking your knees out that means you are a calm and reliable person. You do not get offended easily and the future does not scare you. You are a very adjusting person and you know to make the best of every situation. You know how to smile in the most miserable winter morning and you do not take time to accept the change that occurs in your life.

2) Fetal Position

If you sleep this way, it indicates that you have a constant need to feel protected and sympathized. Basically, curling up this way means that you are just trying to cut yourself from your problems and are scared of facing the world. You can overcome your fear by either painting or you could also start writing a blog.

3) Lying On Your Stomach

If you sleep lying on your stomach with your hands and legs sticking out then, you, my friend, are a leader. You do not hesitate in taking initiative and this implies to your professional and personal life. You are a very organized person and prefer things when they are planned. You are not a huge fan of surprises and enjoy things when they are according to your convenience. You hold a great sense of responsibility and extremely focused towards success.

4) Lying On Your Back

You are a very positive person who loves life if you sleep lying on your back. You enjoy good company and cherish little joys of life. You work in a very rational way, you prefer telling the truth and you love being the centre of attention. You have a very strong personality and you work in a stubborn yet persistent way.

5) Straight Like A Soldier

If you sleep lying on your back with your arms on your side like a soldier at attention then it indicates that you are a very well adjusted person who has their priorities set. You are well aware of your goals in life and you will strive to achieve them. You can be very strict and demanding but you demand the most from yourself.

6) One Leg Raised

You are a very adventurous person if you sleep like a heron with your one leg raised in the air. People who sleep this way have a very unpredictable personality and also show a frequent change in mood swings. It is very difficult for such people to make a choice in life and your behavior can be very confusing for people around you. However, in work and in life in general, you have a preference for peace, quiet, stability and thoroughness.

Do you relate to any of these sleeping positions and do they speak about the personality you have? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section!

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