While Our Siblings Annoy Us, This Boy Saved ₹62,000 In Coins To Gift His Sister A Scooty

While I am tired of my brother constantly messing up my plans and well, also things, this 13-year-old saved ₹62,000 in coins to buy his sister a scooty for Bhai-dooj. 


If you have a sibling that you probably keep fighting with, it’s time you read this and realize how the perfect brother-sister relationship is supposed to work.

The Honda showroom in Jaipur was about to put their shutters down on Diwali evening when 13-year-old Yash walked in with his sister, Rupal and well; also a bag full of coins.


The staff was in a hurry and wanted to go home but decided to stop as Yash expressed his desire to buy a scooty for his sister as a Bhai-dooj gift.

His heartwarming story convinced the staff to stay back and help Yash pick the perfect two-wheeler for his sister. The staff had to count all the coins that totaled to an amount of  ₹62,000.


While speaking to TOI, Yash mentioned that they save all their pocket money in coins and even when they are given money in paper currency, they get it exchanged for coins in order to make the savings easier.

It took the staff more than two hours to count the money.


“We see a lot of customers who come with coins to pay a part of the total amount of the vehicles. But it was a special case where both of them paid the entire amount in coins,” said Santosh Kumar, dealer of the Honda Showroom.

Isn’t Yash the best brother in the whole wide world? The two of them also surprised their parents who had no idea about the children saving money for the two-wheeler.


What do you think of this amazing gesture? Let us know your views in the comment section. You can also rant about your sibling there. We feel you!

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