This Short Film Addresses An Evil In Indian Households That No One Talks About

Short films are often too overlooked and don’t get their due credit. This is especially true if happens to reflect on societal issues. A short film Remark was made by a crew of relative newcomers and they talk about a very important social issue.

Directed and edited by  Siddharth .S. Kedare, the film is set in a classroom and keeps it simple. They have cleverly used camera techniques to keep the viewers intrigued, the subject of the story is only revealed in the end. The treatment of the film  and a simple script makes it more hard-hitting.

Scripted and shot in a restrictive setting, the short film takes a brave stand against domestic violence.

It portrays how domestic violence is more common than you think. It is so common that people notice the signs yet do not acknowledge that there is an evil happening. They choose to ignore. The film urges us to voice it out.

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