Picking Out Your First Sex Toy? Here’s What To Look For And Where To Find One In India!

We’ve already talked about everything beginners need to know about using sex toys, so I’m guessing some of you are dying to get their hands on one already. This article will help you do just that. Without further ado, let’s get to the fun part – picking one out that’s perfect for you.

What are your options?

Sex toys are created differently according to what feels pleasurable to different people. Here are the 4 basic categories, according to function.

1. Vibrators and Massagers: A sex toy with a motor that whirs, and creates extra stimulation depending on how you move it.
2. Dildos: Handheld sex toys made for internal penetration.
3. Penis Rings: A ring worn around the base of the penis that creates pleasant pressure and vibrations.
4. Power Play Toys: These include floggers, paddles, nipple clamps, restraints, blindfolds, etc.

There’s only one rule in this game, though. Lubricants.
They make your receiving points slippery and sensitive and are indispensable when using toys.

3 Products To Start With:

1. Bullet Vibrators

Tiny but mighty, and oh-so-discreet! Their small size makes them ideal for travel, and their shape is perfect for direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The one thing they’re not designed for is insertion. That’s where you bring in the big guns – Dildos.

2. Vibrating Penis Rings

An interesting addition to the mix because men can’t make their penises vibrate no matter how good they are. The ring constricts things a bit and keeps things…ahem, longer-lasting.

3. A Feather Tickler

There’s nothing more beginner friendly than a sexy feather tickler. When used right, it’s a combination of movements that send your body into spasms of pleasure.

Now that you have a fair idea of what you’re looking for, here’s where you can find these babies in India:

1. Delux Toys

2. Sexpiration

3. Sex Toys India

4. That’s Personal

5. Besharam

6. Kaamastra

There’s a whole wide world of toys waiting to be tried out there, take your pick!

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