Shobhaa De Had Something To Say About First Muslim Oscar Winner & Twitteratti Has Divided Opinion

Shobhaa De describes herself as ‘Journalist, columnist, social commentator, opinion-shaper and author of 18 books’ in her twitter bio. Her social commentary, however, does not always go well with the audience.

Her recent foot-in-the-mouth moment with the Mumbai Police got her lot of flak. This time around she tweeted a post, that shows that she possibly does not understand why some things are important.

To give you a context, Mahershala Ali won the Best Actor in Supporting Role for Moonlight. Mahershala is an American-Muslim actor who gave a memorable performance for his role as Juan the drug peddler in the movie. With his win, he became the first Muslim to win an Oscar.

While Shobhaa De’s tweet makes sense partly if we infer that religion and race have no part in filmmaking and it should not be judged or prejudiced by race or religion. It can also be inferred that she does not entirely get the importance of his win at this critical moment in US history.

The win is also monumental, as it is a showdown to Trump’s undemocratic No Muslim Ban. When the US is protesting against the race politics, this win strengthens people’s faith in democracy.

Also, last year’s Oscar was largely controversial for whitewashing and lacking in diversity even with some brilliant performances from other ethnicities. The audience and the industry felt Oscars was unfair in its process.

When Viola Davis’, Mahershala Ali and the movie Moonlight scored a win this year it showed that storytelling sees no race and stories matter, all kinds and versions of it. So when a person like Shobhaa De posts such tweet, we question whether she has a clue. And if not, why clutter social media with half-knowledge?!

The Twitterati seems to have a divided opinion on the tweet and took a moment to give her gyaan. Take a look.









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