7 Of The Shittiest Gifts Indian Relatives Love To Give Each Other For Some Reason

The hardest part of being a relative isn’t being there for your family. It isn’t visiting and offering support, it’s giving gifts.

It is challenging.

You could go with something classy like a pen, or a watch. Something fun like a shot glass or a PlayStation. Something shady like lingerie or condoms. They’re all acceptable, depending on which relative the gift is for.

But there are some gifts that will never be a good idea.




The sad thing with this gift is that you can’t really break it. You kinda have to keep watering the plant until you will eventually forget. And slowly, it starts dying a sad death on your windowsill.

Birds will shit on it, ants will infest and your neighbour will judge you for keeping it. But as much attention as it gets from everyone else, it got none from you.

You just killed it.




Diwali is a horrible time for everyone and this is precisely the reason why…

Why gift your loved one something personal and unique when you can present them with the shriveled up corpses of fruits and nuts? Why give them something delicious to munch on, like Chocolate when you can give them the food they will only open 4 months later when they’re drunk out of their minds?




These aren’t even postcards from places anybody is visiting.

These are ones that have been bought from airports for relatives nobody loves.

To be fair, these could be useful. You can use them to tell your shitty relatives to go f*** themselves from the comfort of your own home.




To anybody who was planning to do this, stop.

Firstly, you are a horrible person for gifting something you can’t even conveniently throw away. Because in our family’s experience, we can at least give the dry fruits to the local temple and they take it happily.

Not even God wants your shitty crockery. He’s terrified he’ll drop it and have to clean the whole mess up.




Guys, this shit is expensive. It costs a lot of real world money.  Seriously, Tupperware is not cheap.

Tupperware is just useless.

And the worst part isn’t even how useless it is. After all, we need some place to store all the stale dry fruits we got. No the shittiest part is that you’re going to lose it. No matter what you do or how hard you try, your Tupperware isn’t going to survive even 1 trip outside your own home. Because as soon as it leaves the house it will be stolen.

Probably by someone whose house is drowning in badly stored dry-fruits.




Do you have flowers in your house? Probably, not.

But if you did have flowers in your house, would you just dump them in a glass or in a 5000 rupee crystal vase that will break before your flowers are even rotting?



Actually, this is one is useful for the person getting it.

The problem with bed sheets lies entirely with the person giving them. Because when you gift someone bed sheets you have to live with the awful truth, that eventually – SOMEONE WILL HAVE SEX ON THOSE BEDSHEETS.

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