Class Is Back In Session With Shashi Tharoor And Twitter’s Grabbed Its Dictionary

Bust out your dictionaries out ladies and gents, because Shashi Tharoor’s Twitter account is back in business.

The man who boggled everyone’s minds in 2017 with an iconic tweet is back at it. But this time, his beautifully articulated wrath has been redirected towards BJP MP Vinay Katiyar.

The debate around the Taj Mahal rages on and the MP was quoted as having said to journalist Sagarika Ghose on Twitter that the Taj Mahal should be taken down and a Tejo Mandir should be erected in its place.

To which Tharoor sent out this scathing reply –

Or at least what we think is a scathing reply, because for all we know “troglodyte” could mean a variety of things. Like “exemplary maker of vada pavs” or “man who gives his seat to you on the train”.

Let’s take a quick look at a dictionary to demystify the term, shall we?

Oh. Nevermind.

But just like us, the rest of Twitter was baffled with yet another display of lingual show-offing and they let their precious feelings be known online.








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