Shashi Tharoor Responds To AMUL’s Cartoon On Him With Class, Humor And More Big Words

This politician is known to voice his opinions and prove facts and distort your perceived notions. Apart from his innate intellect, Shashi Tharoor’s proficient use of English language has given him an unusual status.

When  ‘The Republic’ Arnab Goswami created controversy by releasing Sunanda Murder Tapes to air which directly incriminated Shashi Tharoor for the crime, he didn’t even hesitate to voice out the outright lies.

He tweeted something like this –

And Twitter didn’t stop themselves from talking about it. His use of words, I mean.

But this time, when he recently tweeted and made the Twitteratis’ learn a new word, Amul had a new take on it.

To which, AMUL made this creative-

And Shashi Tharoor, couldn’t stop himself replying the tweet. But boy, his reply was in good spirits.

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