Shashi Tharoor Mistakes The Buddha For Lord Mahavira And We’ll Never Forgive Him

Let us preface this by admitting that the author of this article has an extremely unhealthy obsession with Shashi Tharoor.


The man who left India wanting more dictionaries took over the internet seamlessly with his verbose tweets. Making everyone feel collectively 10 IQ points lower. However, we are distraught to report- the man made a boo boo.

An error.

A mistake.

Not that he hasn’t made them before. He probably has. In fact, maybe he’s the kind of person who doesn’t wash coffee cups after drinking coffee and then all the milk hardens and it gets really gross.

But a mistake of this magnitude was fairly unforeseen and it saddens us to see him make it.

On this joyous occasion of Mahavir Jayanti – he put out a tweet wishing the same to the people. Except, that’s apparently NOT Mahavir, but Gautam Buddha.

And Twitter was on the case –











To be fair though – the man did quote his sources – so kudos on that one.

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