Shashi Tharoor Sat Down With Faye D’Souza And Explained Us Why He Is A Pro At English

Shashi Tharoor dare I say has a cult following on Twitter? Never has an Indian politician used vocabulary to confuse people – they just break promises – as he does. His farrago tweet was a hit among Indian citizens and he knawed a place into their hearts with his impeccable vocabulary.

shashi tharoor

There were memes, and there were more tweets. Shashi Tharoor was the Shakespeare that India never had. Such is his talent that people are still intrigued by his linguistic genius.

This man can languidly talk about any topic with words that will make you want to check the dictionary. He is now a part of pop culture – an addition India can be proud of.

Understandably, one of the leading journalists of India, Faye D’souza set out to decode his genius. She wanted to know how he has such an impressive command over English and this was his response.

“I don’t use words to show off. I don’t use words for any effect other than what the meaning of the words should convey in terms of embodying my thought precisely. I just read a lot. I’ve never studied a dictionary in my life. I grew up in an India without television, without Nintendo, without computers, without mobile phones. All I had were books.”

Well, that explains everything.  Maybe we should just unsubscribe our Amazon Prime Video and Netflix accounts and get our vocabulary sorted.

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