Did You Know Shahrukh Khan Met A Fan Of His After She Wouldn’t Stop Tweeting At Him?

All of us have one celeb we would die to meet. But how do you get in touch with the richest and most exclusive people in the world? Simple, Tweet at them. They’ll ignore you. Keep tweeting at them, eventually, they’ll show up. Which is exactly what happened to one very lucky, slightly creepy Shahrukh Khan Fan in 2016 – (h/t)

Mutiara Ulfa Herlita was an ordinary girl with a fairly ordinary dream – to meet her idol, Shahrukh Khan. But while most fans chill outside Jannat till they realise that they have a life, she kept at it for a significantly long time. An Indonesian fan of the Bollywood star, she chilled outside his home and Tweeted at the star constantly.

So…uh this is sweet and all. But also incredibly creepy. Like…wouldn’t it be terrifying if a young girl stood outside your home from 10 am to 8 pm and insisted you meet her? It’s probably something celebrities have to deal with all the time. But if it were us, we’d be terrified.

But we digress.

How did you think this ended? Shahrukh Khan was probably touched/scared enough and decided to meet his loyal fan. He let her know he’d get in touch on his way to work and thankfully for Ms Mutiara he did.

So, all’s well that ends well. And even though the amount of devotion and time we dedicate to our stars is quite insane, we’re glad she finally met the guy. And we’re also very glad he did not press charges.

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