Dear Shah Rukh Khan, No Matter What, The 90s Kid In Me Will Never Give Up On You

To the man who taught us how to love, succeed and work hard – Thank you!

Dear Shah Rukh Khan,

Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I believe there’s a part of me that wouldn’t have grown up to be this way, had we not had you showing us the meaning of love, success, failure and persistence.

My first memory of you is of a walnut flinging, street-smart and funny detective who is scared of dogs and will do anything to protect innocents. That memory is of Baadshah. That is a movie that has stayed with me till date. Yes, while every SRK fan can’t get enough of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge; for most millenials, our first outing was Baadshah or Duplicate.

Source: Rediff
Source: Rediff

You can’t force people to love you but the entire world didn’t just fall in love with SRK, they were taught what love is by you. We all a distinct memory of your movie. Be it the way you were scared to fly alongside Naseeruddin sir in Chamatkaar, or the amazing hitchhiker’s ride to Anjali’s summer camp, we remember all these moments. And these aren’t just casual memories, they – in some capacity – shape how we become in life.

You are a part of countless lives and it isn’t humanly possible for me to thank you for all of this.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Needless to say, he has influenced an entire generation, the one that grew up in the nineties, and largely shaped the idea of romantic love. Let’s face it: he made us all hopeless romantics with movies like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil toh Pagal Hai and Pardes. He taught us the true meaning of selfless love. While a Rahul or Raj fell in love on screen, a country fell in love with you.

A whole generation of guys mimicked his style, his hairstyle, even his famous ‘k-k-k-kiran’ stammer. Draping the Mohabbatein sweater over the shoulders became a thing. It doesn’t matter what sports event is being organised, Chak De! India‘s title track is always a part of it. At this point, you aren’t just a superstar – you are an active voice in the way society has evolved.

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It isn’t just about Bollywood, but thank you for not giving up on Kolkata Knight Riders. I remember how we weren’t doing that well during the first three seasons and I was almost always heart-broken. You didn’t give up on your team where as it would have been so much easier for you to sell it off and walk away. You didn’t. And we all saw how passionate you are about KKR when Manoj Tiwari hit the ball to the boundary against CSK in the finals. Thank you, for teaching us that when the world isn’t going our way, persistence becomes the key. Having faith pays, and now we’re going strong.

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Last year, I couldn’t wait to see you don the role of a love-guru. Because your fans wanted to see you play the role of someone who knows what it takes to live a happy life which is full of love. And you delivered.

You taught us that taking the easy approach to life isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Since childhood, we’ve been told that if we need something significant, at that point we need to stretch the limits and move past our customary range of familiarity. However, tragically, that is not generally genuine. You don’t need to pick the troublesome way in each circumstance. Why make your life complex when you can simply pick a simple alternative? At the point when the going gets harder, picking a simple way out isn’t dishonorable. In some cases you merit a simple choice too on the grounds that you won’t not be prepared for the intense way.

We love, Shah Rukh. Thank you for adding so many colours on our life’s canvas.

Thank you,

Every Shah Rukh fan, ever.

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