SRK Has Something Witty To Say About Possibly Playing Wolverine In Future

In a recent candid interview with Rajeev Masand to promote the Logan’s release on March 3rd, Hugh Jackman spilled out some beans of who could play Wolverine next. The answer is closer to home than you’d think. Yes, he was talking about Shah Rukh Khan!

Talking about other people playing Wolverine, a character defined his place in the industry, he lightheartedly says:

“I think I’ll be fine with it. I hope other people play it. Maybe Shah Rukh Khan could play it. Who knows.”

Well… Shah Rukh Khan has a lot of work to do if he wants to play the part. People online went crazy about this development and urged Shah Rukh Khan to take up the role. One follower even wrote her views on why SRK should be playing the role. Lucky for her, SRK tweeted in reply to her article with his trademark wit.

Shah Rukh Khan it seems, is quite a fan of the Wolverine too, he surely has big shoes to fill. Our dreams of desi mutant might come true after all. Keep calm and pray on!

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