Shah Rukh Khan Gets Candid And Reveals Why He Played Dr. Jehangir Khan In Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi directed by Gauri Shinde was a big hit of 2016. The movie starred Alia Bhatt, and Shah Rukh Khan also had an important part in the film. The movie was a coming-of-age story that our mainstream Hindi cinema probably needed.


It was Alia Bhatt‘s performance however that made the film so relatable. Her realistic acting brought out various dimensions to the character. It goes without saying, she is the finest young actor of her generation that Bollywood has and her choice of roles are a proof of that.

But this is not just me saying it. Shah Rukh Khan was mighty impressed with her body of work as well. On Lux Golden Divas Baatein with the Baadshah – a Hotstar talk show – he was all praises about her acting chops.


He even went on to say:

“Maine thoda sa kaam kiya hai tumhari saath. Maine Dear Zindagi mein isliye kaam kiya kyun ki mujhe tumhare saath kaam karna tha. Mujhe tum main kuch ajeeb si harkat lagti hai, as an actor. Mujhe aisa lagta hai main tumhare saath baithoonga, baat karunga, shayad ek do scene karunga, to woh harkat mujh main aa jayegi aur main better actor ban sakunga. Honestly, Waise hi bahot sare log jo jaante hai tumhe woh maante hai yeh.”

Guess, the impressive Alia Bhatt is making even the Khan’s want to learn the craft. It is a high compliment when an industry veteran wants to learn something from a relative newcomer in the industry.

Image Source: Dharma  Productions

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