8 Red Flags You’re Bound To See When You Are With Someone Extremely Selfish

A person who is selfish will only concentrate on their own well being, personal interests, and advantages without regard for others. 


The company of selfish people can be very toxic and unhealthy. They tend to ‘use and abuse’ emotionally available people eventually draining them out. You need to be very careful when you either become friends with someone new or get into a relationship with someone you don’t know too well because if they happen to be selfish individuals, you’ll find yourself in a situation that’ll wreck you emotionally.

Here are 8 things you need to keep in mind to know whether the person is selfish or not.

1) They Act Entitled 


They tend to have this constant feeling that whatever they have is something they are entitled to. They tend to firmly believe that they deserve every bit of what they’re receiving and show absolutely no gratitude.

2) They’re Good At Deceiving You 


When you meet them initially, they might come across as someone who is super friendly and will do anything to help you when you’re in distress but as times passes by, you’ll understand their true self and how easy it is for them to give up on you when you need them the most.

They prefer having you around only for their selfish reasons.

3) They Are Scared To Commit 


Selfish people will never commit to anything or anyone unless it benefits them.

Commitment requires a lot of effort and they will not be putting in any of that now will they?

4) They Always Seem Carefree 


They never tend to take things seriously and have a very casual approach towards everyone and everything and that’s only because they don’t pay heed to things that don’t directly concern them.

You could be going through something awful and they’d not miss out on making you feel miserable about it.

5) They Are Great Manipulators 


If you’re expecting a selfish person to recognize their mistake and apologize for it, then you’re just gonna have to wait for hell to freeze over because that’s never going to happen.

They not only refuse to accept their mistakes but also convince you that whatever’s going wrong, is actually your fault and they have nothing to do with it.

6) They Never Show Their Weak Side 


Selfish people are very egoistic and will never let themselves seem vulnerable. They make sure that people don’t know their weakness and maintain a very strong persona in public.

7) They Consider Your Opinion To Be Inferior 


They have a very hard time accepting that they’re wrong and are very adamant about their opinion being right at all times. If you don’t agree with them at some point, they either shut you up or ignore your opinion.

8) Total Control Freaks 


According to these people, their way is the only way to get things done and they will go to any length to ensure that things are done the way they want it to be done without any regard for the consequences.

People who are selfish will not change so it makes no sense wasting your time with them. When you realize and accept these things about a person, you must let go of them.

Treat them just like they’re treating you!

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