I Can’t Be The Only One Who Does Not Miss My School

People always keep telling me, no matter how much you hate your school, you’ll always miss it. Guess what? I DON’T.



Not one bit and in fact, I am glad it’s over and I don’t have to go there every morning.

I can finally be the person that I want to be without having to follow norms that were made by students and believe me, they were weird AF. I don’t have to be a part of a certain group in order to make my presence felt and seek acceptance or validation.


School, I think, was a terrible place. My father would have frequent transfers owing to his government job and hence I never really had one school where I could go every day of my life (and not like this sounds like a good idea either).

I changed approximately 8 schools and no, I don’t miss any one of them. I miss the cities sometimes but certainly not the school.

I realized how schools teach very shallow things to children at such young age. A place that is meant to provide education also molds you into a human who becomes very judgmental and learns vicious tricks at a very young age.


I remember going through the ordeal of fitting into a group when I was probably 8 years old and I don’t think any 8-year-old should be going through that.

We are all different people with different ideologies but this institution called ‘school’ makes sure that we lose our uniqueness with time and make every effort to be like everyone else around us in order to be socially acceptable.


No, things do not get better with time, in fact, it gets horrible with each passing year. As you grow up, you start to embrace your individuality and yet you have compelled to keep everything aside because who wants to eat lunch alone? That counts as social suicide!

I think with time, school drifts from its main purpose of providing education and moves to a ‘how you dress’ and ‘how often do you meet people outside from school’ kind of a race where people like me were totally left behind.

I was fierce to put forward my opinion and I wasn’t hesitant in telling people how they sometimes sounded pretty stupid.


As someone who was not ready to let go of the person that I was becoming and I always wanted to be, I refused to follow the school hierarchy and ‘cool rules’ by my classmates so you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I didn’t really have a lot of friends.

However, I do remember being friends with a couple of people who I thought were just like me. They were either too shy to be a part of the group or were just simply rejected by the ‘leading students’ who rules these peer groups.


Honestly, I am glad school is over because when I got into college, I realized how none of that mattered. I could be sitting alone somewhere in the college campus, reading a book and listening to music and no one cared. I wasn’t the weird person anymore, I wasn’t the loner anymore. I didn’t have to seek any validation and acceptance.

I was free from this cage called ‘school’ where we all were made to wake up and act like machines every single day, depriving us of our reasoning and self-discovering skills.

If you were one of the pricks in school who had a huge group and you guys still miss each other (also send cheesy messages on the ‘school WhatsApp group’), you don’t really have to be here. Also, SEE HOW IT DOESN’T MATTER?


If you were the ‘my type’ kid, who does not miss school at all and is really happy about it getting over, high five me in the comment section!

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