This Scene From Padmavati’s New Song ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ Has A Major Hint About The Movie

Just one symbolism that ties Padmavati’s poster and trailer

I was out on Saturday, watching movies when the song, ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan‘ was released. The first thing that my friend and I did was stop everything and go to Youtube. The movie Padmavati and its songs have made me so excited that I am in love with it already. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has a tendency to lure the audience into his world and into the story that he is telling us.

The first thing I noticed in the song was the amazing love story between Maharana Ratan Singh and Queen Padmini told by just their eyes.

All throughout the song, we can see the couple going from light fun to serious emotions in just 3 minutes. But there are two scenes in the video which just made my day. The first scene, which is a major one because it actually ties this song to the poster and the trailer.

We all know that the Queen Padmini was the brave queen that fell into the pyre just so the Khilji couldn’t get what he wanted; her.  The Jauhar which the Queen performed with other brides is still a revered tale in Rajputana history.

In this scene, we see the queen bringing the paste of Kankoo and water to the King. Maharana then proceeds to apply his handprint on the white cloth. The moment I saw the scene, my heart swelled. The raw emotions of the royal couple touched my cold battered heart.

In this scene, we see that while Maharana is leaving his handprint on the white cloth, he has tears in his eyes. At one moment, he is hesitating and that’s when Rani assures him to continue. It seems that this scene was a big foreshadow of the Jauhar.

Remember this Padmavati poster?

Can you see the handprint on the right side of her sari? YES! It’s the same handprint as that of the Maharana! When I saw the poster for the first time, I thought that it might have been the ritual for the new bride to leave imprints of her both the hands before she enters the house. But it’s not that!

Do you remember this scene from the trailer?

Do you notice the white cloth in her hand? If you look closely, it’s the same piece of cloth on which Padmavati got the imprint of Maharana’s palm. The cloth symbolizes Maharana’s presence in Padmavati’s life.

The second scene which I was talking about was the way Rani Padmavati was looking at Maharana when he was going to the war.

It is said that when a King goes to the war, the Queen performs the aarti. No one knows whether the King will ever come back. So saying your loved one a goodbye is quite tough. It is believed that the Queen is supposed to bid the King with a smile and she shouldn’t shed a tear. 

And that’s what’s reflected in the video. She was looking at him as if knowing that this was perhaps, the last time she would see him. She did her best to smile and just after he leaves, we see the sorrow she was going through. 

Listen to this song once again in loop –

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