Sarfraz Ahmed’s Dhoni Style Manuever At The First T20I Match Left Twitter In Splits

So, remember when MS Dhoni went all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on the field?

sarfaraz ahmed


The former Indian captain surprised everyone with his sprightly split, leaving fans all around the country marvelling at his level of fitness. And now another cricketing great, Sarfraz Ahmed has joined the club.

The Pakistani skipper was the highlight of an otherwise disappointing game for the team. Where they were completely outplayed by New Zealand. The first delivery of the 10th over, saw Ahmed try to sweep ut inadvertently creating a hilarious moment as he slipped and gloriously landed in a full split.

sarfraz ahmed


And just like Twitter couldn’t resist going after MS Dhoni for his little stumble, they refused to let go of Ahmed’s split, trolling him to high heaven.








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