Die-Hard Fan Takes The Term To A New Level; Names Sanjay Dutt As Nominee of Her Will

There are regular fans and there are superfans. If as a celebrity you get later, you are pretty lucky. Sanjay Dutt is blessed with them. One such recent incident is a proof that superfans really love their celeb more than anything.

Nishi Tripathi, a Mumbai resident passed away in January and left all her material wealth to Sanjay Dutt. Nishi, 62, died of a terminal illness. The Munnabhai star was caught unaware until he received a phone call from the police.


As soon as Dutt knew of this, he wrote to the bank rejecting any claim on the belongings. This is what he said in the letter:

“As actors, we are used to fans naming their children after us, chasing us down the street and even giving us gifts. But this has shocked me. I will not be claiming anything. I did not know Nishi and I am very overwhelmed by the entire incident to speak about it.”


He has started the legal proceedings to transfer all the belongings back to the family.


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