Samsung Brutally Trolling Apple In This Ad Will Be Remembered For Years To Come

Apple fans are incredibly loyal and only slightly delusional.


We’ve all heard about how Apple fans stand in line for a new product for days. The loyalty to this company is unmatched. Their competitors have fans too, but definitely not ones with an almost cult-like reverence for the brand.

On Sunday, Samsung rolled out a minute long advertisement and mocked Apple through its timeline. And boy, it is something that you’ll watch once and remember for a very long time. This is just in time for the launch of iPhone X.

The advertisement mocks at how small the screens were when they started off, the lack of memory, the headphone jack, the charger, and basically everything that makes Samsung stand out. Standing in this huge lines for days together. The ad features a loyal Apple fan and how the products only disappoint him year after year.

Towards the end, the fan gives up, buys Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and walks past the iPhone queue. If this isn’t the best ad ever we don’t know what is.

Adweek quoted Samsung as saying. “The ad underscores why so many are choosing Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 as their next smartphone,” the company said.

Watch the ad here:

How amazing was that?

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