Ryan Reynolds Getting Roasted In This Interview Is Way Too Hilarious To Miss!

Ryan Reynolds is known as the funny guy with looks to grace any/all top magazines in the world. He has time and again regaled us with his comedic timing with movies like The Proposal and Deadpool. Let’s agree that he is one hell of guy! And because he is so awesome, he is also subject to criticism.

Normal people get offended when they get roasted. Not Ryan. Since, Ryan is a such a stellar human specimen, he can take insults like a pro. In this funny video by GQ,  he is seated uncomfortably on the hot seat.

He gets asked questions like “Why can’t you be like other actors? The good ones” , that can give anyone debilitating existential crisis!

Or brash question like “Do you consider Deadpool, the Green Lantern of good movies?”

This video of Ryan Reynolds getting roasted by his twin is pure gold!

For the uninitiated, yes this video is a parody. No, Ryan does not have a twin. But how awesome is it watching him roast himself! That takes lots of guts and charm.

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