Rohit Sharma’s Bizarre Run Out From Yesterday’s Match Has Resulted In Funny Tweets!

Rohit Sharma is currently undergoing a barren run with the bat. He has not been able to score as freely or as well, as he would normally do. And his misfortunes continued yesterday, as he could not muster a big score yet again. But what was interesting to see was the manner he was run out.

In the first ODI match between India and Sri Lanka, India batted second, and Rohit Sharma opened the innings with Shikhar Dhawan. In the last ball of the 5th over, Rohit, after a little yes-no with Dhawan, looked set to reach the other end of the pitch in time but as he tried to slide his bat into the ground, a rather rough contact with the ground got it stuck before falling out from the batsman’s hand.

The right-hander seemed to have made it to the crease in time but since his foot was in the air at the moment, when bails were removed, and he had dropped his bat before making it, the umpire had to give him out.

Here’s a video of the dismissal-

What’s interesting is that Twitterati actually found it funny, and soon enough, Rohit Sharma’s dismissal almost became a meme! Here are some of the best tweets-








Jokes aside, we surely do hope Rohit Sharma gets back to his scoring ways soon!

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