Rishi Kapoor Does It Again; Blocks Sucharita Tyagi For Not Finding His Joke Funny

Rishi Kapoor’s Twitter stories are doing rounds on the internet once again and honestly, we are not even surprised. 


Rishi’s tweets and DMs create more buzz than his movies and we can’t deny the fact that he does get a little off-beat on social media. Most of his tweets and messages are harsh and usually point out to a certain individual. This time, it’s Sucharita Tyagi and her only fault was that she didn’t find Rishi Kapoor’s tweet funny enough.


So, here’s what happened. Rishi Kapoor had tweeted an image of Beyonce where he compared her to a flower pot. Some people thought it was funny while some didn’t think there was anything humorous about it which is natural because we are entitled to our own opinion. However, Rishi wasn’t very cool about Sucharita not finding his tweet funny.

Here’s what Sucharita tweeted: 

Things could have just ended her but Rishi decided to send her a personal image stating how her face was funnier than the meme which totally makes no sense. 

So basically, she got blocked for not finding humor in the same thing as Rishi Kapoor! 

Sucharita shared her story on Twitter and here’s how Twitter reacted to it!

Here’s what Netizens had to say about all of this! 








Rishi Kapoor’s behavior online does not even come across as a surprise anymore! He has been behaving this way for quite some time now. Don’t you think so?

What do you think of this entire episode? Share your views with us in the comment section!

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