Rishi Kapoor Lashes Out On A Cartoonist For His Distasteful Humor On RK Studio’s Fire

The Kapoor legacy has come a far way and they had all their memories and journey preserved well at the RK Studio which sadly was burnt down recently as a fire broke out at the location. Fortunately, no one was reported injured and no major harm was caused apart from the fact that the Kapoor clan lost some of its most cherished memories. 

Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter and expressed his grief about losing all the memories that have been with them throughout. 

Rishi Kapoor is known to be very blunt on Twitter and it definitely is a bad idea to mess with him right now but Manjul Toons, a cartoonist had other plans. When the actor is not even over the grief of the studio catching fire, this is what Manjul published and someone decided to bring it to Rishi’s notice. 

Rishi Kapoor took offense in the cartoon and also labeled it as ‘sick’. 

If you are wondering what the cartoon is about, it basically shows Raj Kapoor in heaven, watching the studio burn and talk about how the Kapoor family got inclined towards Bollywood after his debut movie ‘Aag’.

A lot of people agreed to Rishi’s take on the cartoon and tweeted their opinions about the same. 

This is certainly one of those few instances where netizens decided to stand up for Rishi Kapoor as he’s usually on the other side of the picture. We are guessing that the cartoonist didn’t really want to hurt the sentiments of the Kapoor clan but it didn’t go very well with Rishi Kapoor. 

What do you think of the cartoon and the entire episode that followed it later? Let us know your opinions in the comment section!

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