“What Do I Text Back?”- How To Respond To Texts From Your Crush

Have you ever been in a moment where you’re caught completely off-guard by a text from that cute guy you have a thing for? Have you ever reacted by squealing and falling off your chair?

Have you then proceeded to screenshot the text and send it to your besties frantically asking, “What do I say now?”

If you’re nodding yes to the above, you’re on the right page.

Pay close attention because what you’re about to read is priceless texting wisdom, from Love Guru Matthew Hussey:

Rule Number 1: Meet him where he is.

If he says “Hey”

Say “Hey!” back, but if he doesn’t take the conversation further do not text him again.

If a guy is really interested in you, he’ll make the effort to revive a conversation that’s dying out or start one.

Rule Number 2: Let him know you have standards.

If a guy checks in with a “Hey! What’s up!”  after ditching on a date, pretend it never happened. Say something like, “TTYL, I’m in the middle of something, I thought we were catching up earlier.” Add a winky face.

Also, when a guy casually suggests meeting up, don’t offer up your entire schedule, says Matt. It leaves him with an option of making you the last resort.

Rule Number 3: Eliminate Question Marks.

Instead of saying, “Hey! I’m going to a party this Friday, would you like to join me?”, say, “Hey, I’m going to this party on Friday and it’s going to be lit, you should come too.”

The first text puts the ball in his court. The second shows confidence and leaves no room for rejection.

Rule Number 4: Take control of the narrative.

You know how there are these guys who put in very little effort, or don’t talk to you for weeks and then suddenly out of the blue you get a text from them, saying, “Miss You” or “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you.”

Don’t get excited and text back, “Me too!”

Matt thinks you should say something like, “That’s so sweet, thank you.” or something cheeky like, “Well, du-uh!” where you acknowledge the text but don’t give him the validation he’s looking for.

Rule Number 5: When flirting, keep the element of intrigue.

When you text stuff like, “I had a dream about you, last night. I can’t say what, but I’ve never seen that side of you before.” or “My friends are going to be wondering why I’m blushing right now.” it makes him interested in staying and keeping the conversation going.

Pro Tip: Texting gives you an opportunity to flirt that you otherwise wouldn’t have because there are somethings you just can’t say on call. Pictures, instead of plain texts are a great way to do that!

Good Luck and Happy texting!

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