Republic TV’s Report About Sunanda Pushkar’s Death Is Shut Down By Shashi Tharoor – Called ‘Outright Lies’

Arnab Goswami has this country waiting desperately for more with the launch of his new venture – Republic TV. Right from the get-go, it’s landed itself in controversial waters. The eyeball grabbing report regarding Shashi Tharoor’s involvement in the murder of his wife Sunanda Puskar got a lot of attention. But Tharoor himself was outraged.

The report included 19 tapes that recorded a conversation taking place between journalist Prema Sridevi and Pushkar detailing how she wanted to speak to the media before her death. There were even recordings of conversations between Sridevi and Narayan – Shashi Tharoor’s‘man Friday’. These tapes, according to Prema have been with the Delhi police for a while. But in her words, the investigation geared toward solving Sunanda’s murder was ‘an absolute sham’.

The entire report has been uploaded to YouTube by the Republic TV official channel as well. You can check it out here from 1:35:00 onwards.

Tharoor’s Tweet was met with a myriad of responses as these Tweets often do – from genuine inquiry and debate.

To some vocabulary related challenges.

Regardless of who you would side with, there’s no doubt that Goswami is not interested in holding back. Call it journalism or noise, there is no ignoring the man. Which is a good thing for shedding light on things India would prefer to simply not discuss and throw under the rug.

But, there could also be a point made for presenting nuanced and complicated stories in the loudest and most argumentative manner possible.

Either way. This is not something either party will let go of anytime soon.

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