Remembering Aap Kaa Surroor The Moviee – The Murder Mystery That Made You Want To Kill Yourself

On 29th June, 2007, Bollywood would be changed forever. Because there came a movie event so historic, that nothing that preceded or succeeded it, matched up to its sheer magnitude. Aap Ka Surroor- The Moviee (that’s the real title of the film, by the way) released on that day, and made every non-actor in the country hope to have an acting career someday.

Aap Ka Suroor

I have never been too impressed by Indian suspense movies. However, Aap Ka Suroor changed it all. Now I was downright disgusted at Indian suspense movies. But the biggest highlight of the film was Himesh Reshammiya, and his annoying presence. No wonder Himesh is called HR in the film.

Himesh falls in love with Hansika Motwani, who was dancing with Jaadu, just 3 years prior.

Aap Ka Suroor

Together they talk about co-incidences, affection, and girls with terminal diseases. They meet during a robbery, where Himesh saves the girl, and they eventually fall in love. Makes you wonder whether it can actually be termed as being ‘saved’. Hansika’s dad has a problem with Himesh, much like the rest of the country. But Himesh wins him over.

Aap Ka Suroor

After a concert in Germany (they repeat that 163 times in the movie) Himesh is arrested on charges of murder. Himesh is caught on tape murdering a journalist. Like, rock-solid evidence. But of course, our hero will be proved innocent eventually. Even Rahul Gandhi knows that. Just Mallika Sherawat doesn’t. Don’t ask.

What we know for sure is that German police is very co-operative, as they let Himesh wear a cap while imprisoned. And that just a mask is enough to commit a crime and frame anyone of your choice. Salman Khan’s lawyers used this line of defence in court. For real.


The fact that Hansika Motwani was 16 at the time of this movie being shot, makes Himesh (who was 33 at the time) almost a paedophile. But all is well, of course, because Himesh can sing. Yes. He sings. A lot. In this film. His nasal voice is enough to raise the dead, and his pronunciation of words is to die for. I died at least twice, while watching this film.

Special mention should be given to the final chase scene of the movie. Out of nowhere, 3 Bombay rickshawwallahs appear out of nowhere and disrupt the police. They also start dancing on the streets. Kudos to the production manager for actually being able to pull this off, even if was completely unneeded.

Aap Ka Suroor

This movie had released with Apne, Aawarapan and Die Hard 4.0, yet managed to be the highest grosser that weekend. No kidding. The country was smoking some really good stuff that year.

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