8 Crazy Ways People Reinvented Pizzas Because Just Eating A Slice Isn’t Enough!

Pizza cravings come when you least expect them. They can hit you anywhere, and leave you frantically looking for a place that will deliver at 3 a.m. in the morning. It’s no joke. Remember that guy who married a pizza?

He’s not the only one.  Because pizza addiction is real. Take a look at how people across the globe chose to take their obsession to the next level:

1. Pizza Lingerie

Move over cherry and chocolate, there’s a new player to satisfy…needs in the bedroom.


2. Pizza Lollipop

This is as convenient as pizza eating gets. This is as dignified as pizza eating gets.


3. Four ‘N Twenty Meat Pie Stuffed Crust Pizza

Meat pies in every slice? Hell yes! I wonder what tearing apart that piping hot pie feels like!


4. The Meta Pizza

The only thing better than a pizza is a pizza that’s made up of pizzas, no need to just pick one. For the hungry and indecisive, this pizza comes as a blessing.


5. The Pizza Cake

Here’s an idea for your next birthday bash: 6 layers of pizza in every slice. You’ll never say no to cake again.


6. The Pizza Roll

Here’s another convenient way to stuff your mouth without dropping the toppings all over yourself. Of course, we can’t promise that won’t happen.


7. The Pizza Box

A New York City pizza joint created a pizza box made entirely of pizza. We’re sure what it lacks in practicality, it makes up for in taste.
pizza box

8. And…The Pizza Pani Puri

Yup! We saved the best for last!

pani puri

On behalf of pizza-lovers everywhere, we thank you!

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