8 Reasons You Should Be Heading To Colombia On Your Next International Vacation!

Colombia is an exceptional destination if you want to experience beauty in the ordinary, despite its dark history of cocaine cartels, kidnappings and corruption. In the last two decades, it has evolved into one of Latin America’s brightest stars.

Here are 8 compelling reasons to visit if you need any more convincing!

1. Caño Cristales

For a few months each year, the Caño Cristales river becomes a surreal rainbow on earth. The phenomenon occurs because the conditions are just right for Macarenia clavigera, a plant species that lines the bed to turn bright red. Offset by yellow sand and blue water, the sight is so stunning you simply have to witness it in person.

2. Tayrona National Park

Besides tropical rainforests, exotic wildlife and some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, this National Park is also home to pre-Hispanic ruins.

3. Ciudad Perdida

This ancient “Lost City”, hidden in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains remained undiscovered for more than a thousand years. It is only accessible via a 27-mile hike through a dense jungle, but the steep climbs are worth the view.

4. Las Lajas Sanctuary

The Las Lajas Sanctuary stands at a precarious 150 feet over a river gorge,  making it one of the most unusual churches in the world. The Gothic-style basilica was built in the early 1900s, at the site of a Marian apparition.

5. The Cave of Splendor

In the mountains above Jardin is a unique cave carved out by a running stream that turns into a luminescent waterfall as it flows through the roof of the cave. A popular hiking destination, the cave is accessible by horse or foot.

6. Cabo de La Vela

For those who seeking adventure, the golden desert and aquamarine sea waiting at Cabo de La Vela are well worth the effort.

7. Salt Cathedral, Zipaquirá

Located 650 feet underground, the salt cathedral is the centerpiece of a large planned park overlooking the town of Zipaquira. What began as a simple altar carved into a salt mine in the 1800s is today a massive tourist attraction, and welcomes around 3,000 worshipers every Sunday. The main hall boasts the biggest underground cross in the world and is lit in an eerie blue light. It makes for quite a sight.

8. Capurganá

Capurganá is an idyllic car-free village accessible only by boat or a small plane from Medellín. The crowd-free blazing white beaches, jungle-covered mountains, deep blue waters, and beautiful coral reefs offer an ideal getaway from city life.

Sounds perfect to me!

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